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10-Year-Old Girl Injured in Deer Accident at School

Placerville, California — A 10-year-old girl in California is recuperating from severe injuries after a deer accident during school hours at Sierra Elementary School in Placerville.

On April 29, Mila Armstrong, a 10-year-old student, suffered a fractured skull and additional injuries when a deer suddenly charged at her. According to her grandmother, Michelle Rangel, the incident occurred when a group of children interacted with the deer, leading it to react violently.

Mila, because she’s only 50 pounds, was thrown into the air and landed hard,” Rangel explained. Besides the skull fracture, Mila experienced inner ear issues, a kick to the eye, and what appears to be a bite mark on her hand, necessitating multiple rabies shots.

The accident left Mila with ongoing headaches and post-traumatic stress disorder, although she has returned to school. Rangel mentioned that the other child involved in the incident is also recovering well.

The Placerville Union School District has since implemented measures to check school grounds for wildlife each morning. If animals are found, they will be removed, and students will be kept indoors until it is safe.

Rangel emphasized the unpredictability of wildlife, advising that while deer are beautiful, they should be observed from a safe distance.

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