Help for Brain Injury

Support for Brain Injury victims and Caregivers

Seeking support for TBI victims online can be very helpful. Whether you are an individual living with a TBI or a caregiver, it helps to know you are not alone. The California Brain Injury Help Center provide free resources and legal assistance to TBI survivors and their families in California.

Brain injury victims need support for themselves and their families as they cope with the challenges of living with a traumatic brain injury. This support includes access to medical care, physical rehabilitation, and mental health resources. Those living with brain injury may also need help in returning to work or school, as well as adapting to changes in their abilities.

Caregivers also need support as they care for a loved one who has suffered a TBI. This support includes access to information and resources, as well as emotional and mental health support. Caregivers may also need help in managing the financial impact of brain injury.

The California Brain Injury Help Center can provide support for brain injury victims and caregivers with resources. We offer free legal assistance to brain injury survivors and their families in California.

Here are other organizations in California that also provide information and help for those living with TBI.

  • California Department of Rehabilitation: The government organization responsible for the one of the biggest vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs in America. Vocational rehabilitation services help people with disabilities find jobs that fit their skillset in an integrated work setting.
  • TBI Bridge: offers virtual support groups for people with brain injury and caregivers several times each month.
  • St. Jude Brain Injury Network: offers a virtual support group to sufferers of TBI in Southern California.
  • Jodi House: provides long-term housing and support services for individuals with brain injury in Santa Barbara County.
  • Brain Injury Association of California: BIACAL is a nonprofit organization that advocates for brain injury patients, educates the public on brain injuries, and funds research to improve treatments.
  • California Caregiver Resource Center: CCRFC is a project of the Family Caregiver Alliance that provides information, education, and resources to caregivers statewide.
  • Brain Trauma Foundation: The BTF is a national nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to traumatic brain injury patients and their families.

Are you looking for help for yourself and your loved ones or need more information about working with the California Brain Injury Help Center? Our phone lines are open 24/7 to take your call at NUMBER. You may also send an email to (866) 576-0936.

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