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Albertsons to Pay $4.3 Million For Brain Injury Damages

BAKERSFIELD, California — In a recent verdict, a jury in Kern County, California, has mandated grocery store giant Albertsons to pay $4.3 million in compensation to a man who sustained brain injury damages during a visit to one of its stores. The sentence was handed down on February 28, 2024.

The incident, which dates back to 2016, unfolded at an Albertsons outlet in Taft. According to local newspapers, the victim, identified as “Mr. M.”, was browsing the meat section of the store when he slipped on water pooling on the floor. The fall caused him to land face-first, resulting in a broken nose and a head injury.

Following the accident, Mr. M. sought medical attention for his broken nose a week later, with no severe injuries reported at the time. However, several months post-incident, he began experiencing memory lapses and loss of taste and smell. Subsequent MRI scans revealed a “subdural hematoma,” necessitating surgery to drain fluid from his brain. Despite the procedure, Mr. M. continued to exhibit symptoms of traumatic brain injury.

During the trial proceedings, Albertsons’ defense attorneys contended that the brain injury was not a direct consequence of the fall, but rather attributed it to pre-existing depression. The outcome of the trial means Mr. M. will now be able to relocate to his hometown, allowing him to reside closer to his children.

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