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BBC Sued By Freelancer After Getting Brain Injury From Ukraine Car Crash

Nick Sturdee, a documentary maker involved in a car accident in Ukraine while filming the BBC documentary “Ukraine’s Musical Freedom Fighters With Clive Myrie,” has initiated legal action against the BBC. Sturdee, who suffered a life-changing brain injury and required the removal of his spleen, alleges that the broadcaster is not adequately safeguarding freelancers working in warzones.

Seeking compensation, Sturdee, a Russian-speaking journalist with experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, has enlisted personal injury lawyer Helen Clifford to file a particulars of claim against the BBC. 

Although the broadcaster has provided some financial support and a contract on its Ukrainecast podcast, Sturdee’s injuries have prevented him from working in Ukraine since the accident. This incident has raised concerns regarding the BBC’s insurance provisions for freelancers operating in perilous environments.

Sturdee discovered that he was not fully insured by the BBC after the accident. While the broadcaster has offered emergency medical cover to staff and freelancers in the field, which it considers equivalent to insurance, Sturdee argues that it does not cover loss of earnings resulting from his diminished work capacity. 

He believes that the BBC would need to acknowledge negligence to provide compensation, a requirement that may have been avoided had he been covered by a third-party policy. The BBC’s insurance arrangements stipulate that freelancers are expected to possess personal accident insurance, but Sturdee claims that the corporation failed to effectively communicate this requirement. 

The BBC, however, asserts that it informs individual freelance journalists of its insurance position and directs them to its policies through contracts and training. A BBC spokesperson emphasized their ongoing support for Sturdee and refuted the claim that the broadcaster does not insure freelancers. The spokesperson stated that the BBC provides emergency medical cover and a personal accident scheme for freelancers, asserting that their schemes are comparable to those offered by other organizations.

As the legal claim regarding Sturdee’s accident is underway, the BBC refrained from commenting further on the matter. BBC sued by freelancer is a developing story. 

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