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Bellator Fighter Cris Lencioni Faces Uncertain Recovery After Brain Injury

Bellator featherweight fighter Cris Lencioni, who collapsed and suffered cardiac arrest during training on June 8, has shown progress in his recovery. While his prognosis remains uncertain, the 28-year-old athlete is now awake and out of the intensive care unit, according to his wife, Marca. 

Lencioni’s collapse led to brain damage, as revealed by an MRI, and he is currently under heavy sedation and in a state of disordered consciousness.

Despite the challenges, Lencioni has demonstrated remarkable resilience. He recently removed his hand from a bag of ice and has even attempted to stand on his own.

In a video shared by his wife, Lencioni responded with a smile to her kisses. Before the incident, he was reportedly in good health, and no drugs were found in his system. Paramedics reached him within minutes and used a defibrillator multiple times before rushing him to the hospital.

Doctors suspect the cardiac arrest may have been caused by Long QT syndrome, a potentially life-threatening heart rhythm disorder that went undetected during a routine EKG in 2019. 

As Lencioni enters the next phase of his recovery, his wife seeks support from the MMA community and fans. Due to his lack of insurance, funds are being raised through a GoFundMe campaign to facilitate his transfer to a long-term care facility in Idaho.

Moving forward, Cris Lencioni’s brain injury poses unique challenges, as the complexity of the brain makes it difficult to predict outcomes. While medical professionals cannot provide a definitive answer, his wife remains optimistic, emphasizing his fighting spirit and determination. 

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