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Bouncer Faces Charges after Bar Assault Leads to Customer’s Traumatic Injury

Reginald Burks, a 38-year-old bouncer at Bosco Bar in Ferndale, was charged with assault leading to significant bodily harm after an incident that left a 28-year-old customer from Oak Park with a traumatic brain injury and a fractured skull. The victim remains unconscious in the hospital.

The incident occurred on July 29 when a 911 call alerted authorities to an injured man in an alley behind the bar. Burks initially claimed both he and the customer accidentally fell down the bar’s stairs. 

However, a witness later described seeing Burks use considerable force on the customer, including holding him by the throat and “choke-slamming” him. The witness felt compelled to call as no one else seemed to be helping the unresponsive victim.

Despite Burks’ claim that the victim was harassing female patrons and had become aggressive, police records indicate no evidence of Burks having hands-on the victim’s neck or throwing him. Moreover, attempts to retrieve surveillance footage were unsuccessful due to the bar’s short video retention policy.

Burks, with no prior convictions, was arrested following a traffic stop for an unrelated speeding violation. His next court appearance is slated for August 31 at the Ferndale District Court.

Traumatic brain injury from assault can lead to a variety of physical and psychological effects, including memory loss, blurred vision, impaired judgment, mood changes, and difficulty concentrating. This injury can be permanent and life-altering. The victim in this case is under close medical supervision to monitor his condition.

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