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Brain Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents Is At Epidemic Levels – WHO

A recent report by the World Health Organization sheds light on the alarming rise in brain injuries from motorcycle accidents, particularly due to the lack of helmet use by riders. According to the report, titled Helmet Road Safety Manual, brain injuries account for a significant proportion of all motorcycle accident injuries and can have devastating, long-lasting effects.

Motorcyclists are at high risk for head injuries, with statistics varying greatly by region. According to the data, Kenya reports 42% of motorcycle crashes result in head injuries, while Taiwan reports 82% of head injuries are linked to road traffic accidents, with 71% involving motorcycle riders. In the United States, approximately 37% of fatal motorcycle crashes are associated with traumatic brain injuries.

The statistics on head injuries sustained by motorcyclists are not just numbers on a chart but represent real people who ride for work, leisure, or out of necessity. The WHO reports that these numbers can be reduced significantly through a simple solution: wearing a helmet. 

The WHO identifies affordability, hot weather, misinformation, and inadequate enforcement of helmet laws as reasons why riders do not wear helmets. High-quality motorcycle helmets can be expensive, and even well-fitted ones can be uncomfortable on hot and humid days. 

In addition, there has been a long history of misinformation surrounding EPS foam helmets, which has contributed to the lack of helmet use in states without helmet laws in the US. These challenges must be addressed to increase helmet use and reduce head injuries among motorcyclists.

Head injuries remain a serious risk for motorcyclists worldwide. However, by addressing the common barriers to helmet use and enforcing helmet laws, we can work towards reducing these numbers and improving rider safety.

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