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California Officer Charged Over Alleged Assault Leading to Brain Injury

Hemet Police Officer Jacob Alan Hobson, 29, has been charged with assaulting a woman and causing a traumatic brain injury during an arrest at a California gas station. The incident took place in July when Hobson arrested the woman after discovering a felony warrant for her arrest. Hobson claims the woman resisted, leading him to use force.

Though he promptly reported the incident per department policy, he now faces two charges of assault likely to cause significant bodily harm and one for assault under color of authority. 

The District Attorney’s office further added two charges related to causing coma or permanent paralysis. Convictions on these charges could lead to a potential cumulative sentence of over 10 years.

Details regarding how Hobson knew about the woman’s warrant remain unclear. Alan Reyes, a department spokesperson, refrained from commenting on the woman’s medical condition.

The assault leading to brain injury was met with significant public outcry. The police department is conducting an internal investigation to determine Hobson’s level of culpability in the incident.

The woman’s family has filed a civil lawsuit against Hobson and the police department for damages related to pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. 

Previously released on a $65,000 bail, Hobson’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday. The Hemet Police Department faced criticism in 2023 after a video of an officer assaulting a suspect went viral.

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