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California Teen Died of Brain Hemorrhage Due to Bullying

LOS ANGELES, California — A California teen girl succumbed to injuries sustained during a confrontation with a bully inside a school bathroom earlier this month. Maria Juarez, the grieving mother of Shaylee Mejia, 16, has come forward, alleging that her daughter’s death on March 15, 2024, was a result of severe fights she endured at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles.

According to Juarez’s account to local media, Mejia suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage, believed to be connected to the series of violent altercations she was involved in at the school. The devastating incident reportedly occurred on March 5, when Mejia was captured on camera hitting her head on a bathroom stall before collapsing.

Despite complaining of a headache following the altercation, Mejia continued attending classes for several days. However, four days later, she fainted at a party, prompting a friend to rush her to the hospital. Tragically, Mejia remained unconscious until her passing.

Medical professionals have indicated that Mejia’s death resulted from a fatal hemorrhage stemming from a brain injury sustained during the altercation. Juarez, a single mother of two, disclosed that since her daughter’s enrollment at the public school eight months ago, Mejia frequently returned home bearing bruises, a situation she diligently documented and reported to school authorities and campus police.

Juarez, who works as a housekeeper and is the sole provider for her family, expressed her frustration at the school’s alleged inaction despite her repeated efforts to seek assistance for her daughter. She claimed that her daughter’s fatal fight was known to school officials, yet no action was taken against the perpetrators.

Speaking to the media, Juarez lamented, “Everybody knows about my daughter hitting her head, the teachers too. Everybody knows.

As of now, an official cause of death has not been determined, and an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mejia’s tragic demise is underway. This incident has reignited concerns about bullying within schools and the responsibility of educational institutions to address such issues promptly and effectively.

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