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College Baseball Player Suffers TBI, Dies as Makeshift Dugout Collapses

A heartbreaking incident unfolded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a Central Penn College baseball player suffers a TBI and then later loses his life when a makeshift dugout collapsed. 

Angel Mercado-Ocasio, 19, sustained a traumatic brain injury on Monday while disassembling a wooden dugout at the 7th and Radnor baseball fields without the city’s permission. Tragically, he passed away late Tuesday at Holy Spirit Hospital.

Mercado-Ocasio, a coach, and several others had initially built the dugouts and took it upon themselves to dismantle them. The field where the incident occurred was unauthorized by the city. During the process, an accident occurred, leading to the collapse and Mercado-Ocasio’s severe injury. First responders performed CPR and managed to revive him, but he remained in critical condition until his passing.

Coach Gerardo Diaz, who was present during the incident, expressed deep regret and blamed himself for not closely supervising the players in the area. He admitted they were “fooling around,” despite his efforts to control the situation. Diaz feels a sense of responsibility and remorse, having warned the players to stop playing around. However, he acknowledges that accidents can happen, especially when dealing with young individuals.

The city was granted a $13 million fund to address issues with local parks, but it remains uncertain how the money will be utilized to prevent such incidents in the future.

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