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Devastating Fall in Thailand Leaves Australian Mother in a Coma

A harrowing incident has left an Australian mother in a coma while on vacation with her husband, Paul Enwright. Kylee Enwright suffered a devastating fall after leaving the hotel’s pool bar on May 28, causing severe injuries. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Enwright family discovered that their travel insurance would not cover Kylee’s mounting medical costs, leaving them pleading for assistance.

According to Paul, Kylee fell off a retaining wall on her way back from the bathroom, plunging into what he described as a pit of “nothingness” and losing consciousness upon impact. Kylee was immediately rushed to a local hospital in critical condition before being transferred to the main hospital in Phuket. There, she underwent a grueling six-hour brain surgery, including a left-sided craniotomy.

Currently, the mother of three remains in a medically-induced coma. Although the hospital lifted her sedation on June 1, she has yet to regain consciousness. In just five days, the Enwrights have amassed a staggering hospital bill of $50,000, which continues to grow by $5,000 each day she remains hospitalized. 

Unfortunately, their travel insurance has denied their claim, citing a clause related to alcohol consumption. Paul expressed regret for not thoroughly examining the fine print, resulting in their lack of coverage.

To compound their challenges, the family now faces an additional financial burden of $200,000 to transport Kylee back to Australia for potential treatment and recovery.

In their desperate plea, Paul expressed his hope that the community and country would rally together to bring his wife, the beloved mother and stepmother to their children, back home. The Enwrights are in dire need of support during this difficult time.

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