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East Livingston Crash Causes Brain Injury; Suspect Apprehended

In a disturbing incident on Tuesday night, a woman sustained a severe brain injury, and a man was apprehended following a high-speed pursuit on the east side of Columbus.

At approximately 9 p.m., vigilant officers noticed a black Honda failing to comply with a stop sign at the intersection of East Livingston Avenue and Courtright Road in Eastmoor. Determined to enforce the law, the officers activated their emergency lights and sirens, signaling the Honda to pull over. However, instead of complying, the driver, identified as James Davis, accelerated at an alarming speed, eluding the police. 

Over the course of about two-and-a-half miles, Davis raced east on East Livingston Avenue, even venturing into the westbound lanes, disregarding oncoming traffic. The reckless journey came to a devastating end at the intersection of East Livingston Ave. and Woodcrest Road in Shady Lane, where the Honda collided with an innocent vehicle.

Immediately following the East Livingston crash, Davis, who was celebrating his 29th birthday that very day, fled the scene, initiating a lengthy pursuit. Thankfully, law enforcement officers successfully apprehended him.

Tragically, a passenger in the Honda was rushed to Grant Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with a critical brain injury. Her condition remains unstable. The status of the individuals in the westbound vehicle involved in the collision has not been disclosed by the police.

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