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East Providence Couple Sues City Alleging Brain Injury from Wrongful Arrest

A couple from East Providence has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, claiming they were left homeless, battered, and traumatized due to the husband’s wrongful arrest and beating during the protests in downtown Providence in June 2020 following the killing of George Floyd. 

Darryl Jordan and Shevon L. Young have named Providence, its police commanders, and several unidentified officers as defendants, alleging violations of their civil rights.

In their lawsuit, Jordan and Young, both Black individuals, accuse the officers of racial profiling, excessive force, assault and battery, and malicious prosecution, among other claims, including brain injury from wrongful arrest.

They also hold the command staff, including former Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré, former Providence Police Chief Hugh T. Clements Jr., and current Providence Police Chief Oscar Perez, responsible for the inadequate supervision, discipline, and training of officers regarding citizens’ rights to peaceful assembly and the exercise of their First Amendment rights in public spaces.

The couple seeks a declaration from the court that the Providence police, and thus the city, violated their freedom of speech, equal protection rights under the state and federal Constitutions, as well as their right to be free from unreasonable seizures. Additionally, they are seeking unspecified damages for the injustices they suffered.

The Providence Police Department declined to comment on the matter, and the city has yet to respond in U.S. District Court.

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