Family Alleges Hospital Negligence Led to Permanent TBI

LOS ANGELES, California — The Saeta family of Los Angeles is taking legal action against West Hills Hospital and Medical Center with a lawsuit filed on March 22, 2024, alleging that insufficient staffing contributed to their loved one, Joshua Saeta, suffering a permanent TBI.

In February 2017, Joshua was admitted to West Hills Hospital with severe abdominal pain. Despite expressing his distress to his sister, Jennifer Saeta, she struggled to find medical staff to assist him. Over approximately 16 hours, Joshua’s condition worsened, resulting in a cardiac arrest and subsequent brain injury. He now requires constant care and has lost the ability to walk or communicate.

The family’s legal battle against West Hills Hospital highlights broader concerns regarding hospital staffing practices in California. Despite state regulations mandating minimum staffing levels, allegations of understaffing persist, with dire consequences for patients. 

In response to the lawsuit, West Hills Hospital has maintained its commitment to patient safety and quality care. However, the gravity of Joshua’s case has reignited discussions about the real-world impacts of inadequate staffing in healthcare settings. As the legal battle unfolds, the Saeta family and advocates hope to shed light on the urgent need for reforms to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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