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High Court Rules Termination of Treatment for Pub Fight Victim with Brain Injury

The High Court in London has ruled in favor of discontinuing medical treatment for Andy Casey, a 20-year-old roofer who sustained a traumatic brain injury after a fight in a pub garden. Medical specialists have diagnosed Mr. Casey’s brain stem as non-functional, declaring him legally dead.

Hospital trust executives overseeing Mr. Casey’s treatment requested this judicial approval, even as Casey’s family clung to hope. They claimed to have observed signs of life in Andy. His sister, Christine Casey, fervently disagreed with the verdict, citing video evidence of her brother showing reactions to pain. She stated, “How can someone who reacts to pain be dead? We are looking at an appeal.”

Mr. Justice MacDonald, in his written statement, empathized with the family’s perspective but upheld the findings of the brain stem tests. He stated, “What the family observes are well-recognised base reflexes that can survive brain stem death.”

The Andy Casey brain injury took place on 9 July when Mr. Casey was involved in a violent altercation. He remained on artificial ventilation after the injury. Mr. Justice MacDonald sadly confirmed Andy Casey’s death on 16 July 2023.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances, a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Ms. Casey has amassed nearly £11,000. The funds aim to assist with legal fees and potential rehabilitation expenses if Andy miraculously recovers.

Although this incident happened in the UK, California applies similar legislation to better protect patients from medical negligence in cases of brain death. This law would require hospitals and other healthcare facilities to use stricter criteria for determining brain death or other related conditions.

For those impacted by traumatic brain injuries, especially due to others’ negligence, it’s essential to seek immediate medical attention. Then, consult the TBI lawyers at the Brain Injury Help Center in California for guidance on compensation claims. Your rights and recovery are paramount; let us support you.

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