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Hit-and-Run Crash Leaves Dirt Bike Rider with Severe Head Trauma

Ronnie Hordge, a 24-year-old dirt bike rider, found himself in a heart-wrenching hit-and-run accident that left him with life-threatening head injuries. The incident unfolded on Sunday evening as Hordge was heading north along the 2600 block of South Salina Street in Syracuse. The clock showed 6:20 PM when tragedy struck.

According to Lt. Matthew Malinowski, spokesperson for the Syracuse Police, a gray 2010 Toyota Highlander, heading south on South Salina Street, collided with Hordge’s dirt bike. Witnesses in the vicinity reported that the impact of the crash resonated on nearby East Colvin Street and West Brighton Avenue. Shockingly, the driver of the Highlander fled the scene, leaving Hordge injured and in critical condition.

Prior to the dirt bike rider hit-and-run crash, witnesses had observed a group of individuals riding dirt bikes along South Salina Street. Following the crash, Hordge’s dirt bike lay on its side in front of the South Side Innovation Center at 2610 S. Salina St., as officers conducted their investigation.

Although the police later located the driver of the Highlander, no details regarding their identity or whether they are in custody have been released. Hordge was rushed to Upstate University Hospital, where he remains in critical condition, battling severe head trauma.

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