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Innovative Brain Microdisplay: Advancing Neurosurgery

San Diego, California – A breakthrough in neurosurgical technology is transforming patient care with the advent of the Brain Microdisplay. Developed by a collaborative team from the University of California San Diego and Massachusetts General Hospital, led by Shadi Dayeh, this innovative device combines a thin film, electrode grid, and LEDs to monitor and visualize brain activity in real-time during surgical procedures.

The Brain Microdisplay’s advanced LED technology mirrors the activity of thousands of neurons, enabling precise mapping of critical brain functions. This allows neurosurgeons to identify and protect essential areas during surgery, minimizing risks and improving outcomes for patients with brain lesions, tumors, and epilepsy.

Dr. Daniel Cleary, a co-author of the study and neurosurgeon at Oregon Health and Science University, highlights the Microdisplay’s potential to enhance surgical precision, particularly in removing tumors from sensitive brain areas.

Supported by NIH grants, this revolutionary technology represents a significant advancement in neurosurgery, offering hope for improved clinical outcomes and personalized treatments for individuals with brain injuries in California and beyond.

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