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LA to Pay $21 Million TBI Settlement Due To Falling Street Lamp

LOS ANGELES, California — In a landmark decision, the city of Los Angeles has agreed to pay $21 million in a TBI settlement to Ismael Soto Luna, a victim of a street lamp accident. The incident, which occurred in November 2020 at the intersection of Roscoe Boulevard and Noble Avenue in Van Nuys, left Soto Luna severely injured when a two-pound metal cap detached from a street lamp and struck his head, causing him to collapse.

According to details revealed in a lawsuit filed against the city, the impact of the falling object resulted in a fractured skull for Soto Luna. Subsequent medical evaluations unveiled a mild traumatic brain injury, which later progressed into dementia by 2023, as stated in the lawsuit.

The legal action highlighted city regulations mandating street lamp caps to be securely affixed, preventing their detachment due to natural deterioration. However, the incident still occurred despite these guidelines, raising questions regarding the adequacy of LA’s safety measures and infrastructure maintenance.

The City Council’s decision to approve the substantial settlement came on Friday, April 12th, 2024, underscoring the city’s commitment to addressing grievances and compensating victims of negligence within its jurisdiction.

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