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Man Faces Felony Charges After a Pillow Yank That Caused in TBI in a Child

A man is facing serious allegations of causing traumatic brain injury in a child following a seemingly trivial dispute. Jared Alan Salmon, 34, was taken into custody at Cache County Jail, charged with second-degree felony intentional aggravated child abuse.

The event transpired on Sept. 6, when Cache County Sheriff’s deputies were alerted to an assault on a juvenile. Security footage from the school reveals the victim and a friend playfully tossing rolling cushions at one another. One such cushion inadvertently struck Salmon’s wife. Following this, the juvenile was seen positioning the cushion on the floor and taking a seat against a wall.

Salmon, upon witnessing the unintentional act, approached the children and instructed them to cease their actions. Disturbingly, the footage shows Salmon subsequently standing over the seated juvenile and abruptly yanking the cushion from beneath him.

Due to the abruptness of Salmon’s actions, the young victim sustained significant injuries. Medical assessments in the Emergency Room diagnosed the child with a traumatic brain injury and a Sternoclavicular strain. The affidavit highlighted that any reasonable individual should anticipate the potential hazards of causing someone to fall in such a manner.

Traumatic brain injury in a child could have long-term implications, such as difficulty with executive functioning skills, memory and attention, and behavior. In this instance, the child will likely require additional medical services to address the cause of their injury. 

Further darkening the narrative, during a subsequent meeting with authorities, Salmon’s attorney acknowledged the events captured on the security footage. Upon a request from the prosecutors, police directed Salmon to surrender himself, which he abided by.

Court records indicate that this isn’t Salmon’s first encounter with the law. He is currently awaiting trial for another case of alleged second-degree felony intentional aggravated child abuse from September 2021.

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