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Parents Held for Infant’s Critical Injuries: Urgent Call for Action on TBI

Parents Cheyenne Elmore-Sitz, 23, and Javontae Goldsby, 31, are in custody following the life-threatening injuries sustained by their infant boy, according to Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. Sheriff Noah Robinson has revealed the child’s critical condition, which includes a skull fracture and subdural hematomas, and the prognosis for survival is grim.

Emergency services responded to a call from Elmore-Sitz and Goldsby on Wednesday night, with Goldsby administering CPR to the non-breathing boy until help arrived. The child was rushed to Ascension St. Vincent, stabilized, and then moved to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis where he remains on life support.

The infant’s injuries, which are consistent with violent shaking or impact, are suggestive of abusive head trauma. Despite the visible severity of the condition, the parents gave conflicting accounts of the events leading to the boy’s hospitalization and could not explain his injuries. They are facing charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in catastrophic injury and aggravated battery. 

The heartbreaking infant TBI incident brings into focus the serious nature of traumatic brain injuries.  TBs can occur from a variety of causes, including motor vehicle collisions, falls, and physical assault. In children under the age of one, abusive head trauma is the leading cause of traumatic brain injury.

The long-term consequences of TBI are wide ranging and severe. Depending on the severity of the injury, victims may suffer from life-altering cognitive, physical, and psychological disabilities. These include changes in behavior, personality, communication abilities, memory deficits, learning disabilities, motor impairments and more.

The Brain Injury Help Center strongly urges any victims or witnesses of brain injuries to seek immediate help, both medically and legally. Call us today for a free consultation. 

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