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Police Officer Jailed After Collision Leaves Motorcyclist with Severe Brain Injury

In a recent case that highlights the serious consequences of reckless driving, a police officer in Singapore has been sentenced to three months imprisonment and a five-year driving disqualification. 

The officer, Johann Pak Zhuo-En, made a discretionary right turn while driving a patrol van, causing a collision with a motorcyclist, Mr. Wang Xiaoyong. The accident resulted in Mr. Wang suffering a severe brain injury and losing eight teeth.

The Singapore Police Force took immediate action by initiating investigations against Officer Pak and suspending his driving license following the incident. The police have also commenced internal proceedings against him in response to his conviction.

While the defense lawyer highlighted that Officer Pak is still with the Singapore Police Force, the police emphasized their commitment to upholding the law and maintaining high standards of conduct. They stated that officers who violate the law are dealt with accordingly, including facing charges in court.

The severe impact of the collision on the motorcyclist with severe brain injury is undeniable. Even a year later, he experienced significant impairments in memory recall and required continued residence in a nursing home until July 2022. He still suffered residual cognitive impairments in attention, short-term memory, and executive function.

This incident serves as a reminder that such accidents can occur anywhere, highlighting the importance of promoting safe driving practices and holding accountable those who disregard the safety of others on the road.
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