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San Diego Offers Water Safety Class for Brain Injury Survivors

SAN DIEGO, California — San Diego’s Parks and Recreation department hosted a specialized water safety class tailored for brain injury survivors on Friday, April 26th, 2024.

The session, aimed at those aged 16 and above who had endured a brain attack such as stroke, brain injury, or illness, alongside their caregivers, was arranged to take place at Swanson Memorial Pool in University City.

Kristi Fenick, district manager of Therapeutic Recreation Services, emphasized the significance of such initiatives. “Since its establishment over half a century ago, Therapeutic Recreation Services has extended an array of sports, recreation, leisure, and outreach services to members of the community grappling with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities,” she stated. “Programs like the water safety class for individuals recovering from brain attacks were organized to ensure their safety while offering them the chance to relish the water during the upcoming summer and beyond.

As per the city’s announcement, participants in the class were instructed on the proper utilization of a life jacket, practiced techniques for safely reaching the pool’s edge, refined floating skills, and received guidance on aiding someone in distress.

Individuals recuperating from brain attacks frequently experience memory loss concerning skills acquired before the injury, underscoring the critical importance of relearning water safety protocols. Further classes are still being planned.

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