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Schoolgirl’s Zorbing Accident Leads to Brain Injury

In a harrowing incident at a caravan park, 8-year-old Lily-Mae West sustained a traumatic brain injury and fractured 15 bones in her skull after being struck by a zorbing ball. The brain injury accident, which saw the young girl propelled face-first into the concrete, resulted in extensive injuries, including fractures to both her eye sockets, eyebrows, and the roof of her mouth.

Her mother, Katie, recalled the incident with anguish, noting that witnessing her daughter in the hospital was like a surreal nightmare. “It happened so fast. Seeing her occasionally wake up, frightened and grabbing the tubes with tears on her face… It felt like a scene from a distance. No parent should ever have to experience that.”

While the event occurred in the UK, it serves as a dire reminder that such accidents can happen anywhere, even in the US. Lily-Mae’s ordeal highlights the potential dangers of recreational activities and the lasting impact they can have on young lives.

In the aftermath, despite doctors confirming that Lily-Mae’s brain injury was not severe, her mother observed behavioral changes. The previously confident girl has become noticeably less so since the accident.

The trauma teams in Leeds played a pivotal role in Lily-Mae’s recovery. Marianne Wadsworth, the family’s caseworker, remarked on the exceptional care they provided, emphasizing the importance of supporting victims and their families during such tumultuous times.

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-altering. If you or a loved one has suffered such an injury, especially if it was due to another’s negligence, help is available. Contact the Brain Injury Help Center for assistance in securing medical care and obtaining legal expertise to pursue a claim for compensation. Your recovery and justice matter.

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