Six Flags Triumphs in Brain Injury Lawsuit over Roller Coaster Incident

A roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, was under scrutiny after a lawsuit alleged it caused a 13-year-old, Talia Wise, a traumatic brain injury in 2015. However, on Thursday, after a trial that started on August 4, a jury ruled in a 10-2 decision that the amusement park was not liable for Wise’s injuries. 

The plaintiff’s legal team sought $34.7 million in damages but faced a setback as Six Flags argued that Wise’s medical records didn’t support her claims. Furthermore, Six Flags lawyers emphasized that even medical specialists from.

Wise’s legal team couldn’t pinpoint any evidence of a traumatic brain injury. Attorney Sanaz Cherazaie, representing Six Flags, expressed contentment with the verdict, praising Magic Mountain’s emphasis on safety. 

Although Wise’s legal team claimed the coaster’s design was problematic and was the cause of her symptoms, the defense attributed her initial reactions to dehydration and other underlying psychological problems.

The Six Flags brain injury lawsuit demonstrates the difficulty of proving negligence on behalf of amusement parks when it comes to visitor safety. Such cases rely heavily on evidence and expert testimony, making them difficult for plaintiffs to win without clear proof of wrongdoing. 

This is where an expert injury attorney can help. An experienced lawyer can review the facts of your case, examine the relevant laws, and determine whether you have a legitimate claim against an amusement park or other forms of negligence. 

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