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Student Sues School District After Suffering Brain Injury

SACRAMENTO, California — A Folsom High School student has taken legal action against the school district following an incident where he suffered a brain injury and was left partially blinded during a school event involving inflatable bubble body suits. The lawsuit, filed on February 13, 2024 in the Sacramento Superior Court, highlights alleged negligence on the part of the district, which provided the suits to students without adequate instructions or warnings.

According to the lawsuit, the student was participating in an activity organized by the school and involving the use of bubble suits supplied by the district. During the event, three other students, also wearing bubble suits, collided with the plaintiff, resulting in his severe injuries.

(The student) relied on a safe environment at a school event occurring on school premises and operated the bubble suit with the assumption that it was safe to operate when, in fact, it was not,” the lawsuit states, highlighting the expectation of safety that students hold when participating in school-sanctioned activities.

Angela Griffin Ankhelyi, a spokeswoman for the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, commented on the matter, stating that the district had not yet been served with the lawsuit as of Wednesday. As the legal proceedings unfold, the lawsuit serves as a reminder of the serious consequences that can arise from inadequate precautions in school-sponsored activities.

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