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University of Alabama Fraternity Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Hazing Brain Injury

A University of Alabama fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, is being sued by a student and his parents following allegations of hazing which resulted in the student suffering a traumatic brain injury. The lawsuit, filed last week, sheds light on a disturbing episode where the young man, identified only as H.B., was subjected to physical assault and degrading acts, culminating in a forceful blow to the head.

Details from the lawsuit depict a harrowing night where H.B. was commanded to utter racial slurs, sprayed with water, physically assaulted, and eventually hit with a basketball causing him to black out. 

Following the ordeal, H.B. left the fraternity house, later seeking medical attention. 

His diagnosis revealed a traumatic brain injury coupled with post-concussive syndrome. The legal claim emphatically states the irreversible nature of some of these injuries as a direct consequence of the defendant’s actions.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s national headquarters responded to allegations from the hazing brain injury lawsuit, stating they are delving into the situation at the Alabama chapter. While refraining from commenting directly on the litigation, they reaffirmed their anti-hazing stance, emphasizing that such actions are in stark contrast to the fraternity’s core values. The fraternity expressed its commitment to holding responsible members accountable.

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