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WWE Legend Reveals Shocking Number of Concussions During Career

WWE Hall of Famer, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, recently opened up about the harrowing toll of his wrestling career, disclosing that he endured nearly 100 concussions. At 68, Roberts continues to make waves in the wrestling world, now with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), guiding Lance Archer as his manager.

In his heyday, Roberts held audiences spellbound with his charismatic promos and captivating wrestling moves. However, concerns about his health have surfaced, particularly after a 2020 incident. The revered wrestler had to step away from an AEW show due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, relying on an oxygen tank for over a year.

The startling revelation about his multitude of head injuries came during Roberts’ Snake Pit podcast, where he discussed the tragic demise of Chris Benoit, another wrestler whose end was attributed to multiple head injuries.

WWE concussions protocol and controversy has been front and center in the fight for wrestler’s health rights. Roberts, who has a career spanning over three decades, is determined to educate young wrestlers on the effects of head injuries.

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