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Young Hockey Player Sues Blizzard, Rapids, Hockey Canada After Serious Spinal Injury

Isaac Dixon, an 18-year-old defenseman for the Grand Falls Rapids, experienced a life-altering incident on December 30, 2020, during a game against the Edmundston Blizzard. 

After taking a blow and crashing into the boards, Dixon felt an immediate and intense pain in his lower back, leading to a frightening realization — he couldn’t feel his legs.

In a lawsuit filed in the Court of King’s Bench in Saint-Jean, Dixon claims that despite his distress, the Blizzard and Rapids personnel on the ice did not promptly call for medical assistance. Allegedly, a Blizzard staff member even urged him to get up, disregarding the severity of his condition.

The lawsuit further alleges that Dixon was placed on a transfer board by his teammates without proper stabilization of his neck and head. The staff members failed to arrange for an ambulance during the game, despite Dixon’s repeated pleas for help.

Only when he was eventually transported by ambulance to the Edmundston Regional Hospital did doctors confirm that one of his vertebrae had been fractured. Subsequently, Dixon underwent surgery at The Moncton Hospital to stabilize his spine.

This hockey player spinal injury lawsuit highlights the importance of immediate medical attention and proper care for individuals with spinal injuries. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury or any harm due to an accident, the Brain Injury Help Center is here to assist you. Contact us for professional legal support in filing a claim and obtaining the necessary medical treatment.

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